Penzion Stanský mlýn

Boarding house Stanský mlýn

Accommodation in Hlinsko in the Czech republic

We are pleased to meet you in our newly reconstructed boarding house Stanský mlýn.

The boarding house is located in the East Bohemia, in the area of Czech-Moravian Highlands (Česko-moravská vrchovina), on the boundary-line of Iron Mountains (Železné hory) and Zdar´s hills (Žďárské vrchy), not far from Hlinsko in the Bohemia. Our mill is situated in the picturesque place and - as it often happens at the mills - in the river valley, in this case the valley of the river Chrudimka, not far from last little cottages of village Stan, simply said almost secluded in the beautiful nature.

Our family boarding house offers the accommodation in 3 separated, stylishly equipped apartments - 2 of them are six-bedded and 1 is four-bedded. Each apartment has its own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and toilet. All 3 apartments are comfortably furnitured by rustic furniture. Of course, there is a TV in each apartment, LAN internet connection, fridge, microwave oven and completely equipped kitchen.

We are sure that you will spend relaxing moments while sitting in stylishly fitted lounge - the former grinding room, where you can sit in winter in cosy warm of tiled stove and in summer you can talk with your friends with glass of tasty wine.

This typically fitted room can also serve in the case of birthday celebration or wedding ordering. There is an open entry from grinding room to outdoor terrace, which offers pleasant summer sitting with the view of surrounding nature.

Our boarding house includes small hydroelectric power station, which serves for renewal after 50 years of mill devastation. We are trying to achieve its original purpose.

Not only mill-race, which goes across the meadow towards our mill and which will bring water to the turbine soon, but also neighbouring scene directly challenges restfull walking and relaxation.

And if you do so and sit down under hundred years old lime trees, which spread around our mill, you will discover the view of the domain of local coutry – Hradiště. I dare say, when these majestic lime trees come into blossom, you will feel like in the paradise.

The next paradise, which is possible to visit, is the mushroomer´s one. There is nothing better than take a basket in the early morning, take on gum-boots and quickly go into the wood. You can be sure, this area is rich on mushrooms.

We don´t offer only luxury and the rush of hotel complex and seaside resorts, but also quite relax and stay on the healthy fresh country air. Come and see still little-known and pictoresque places, cultural and natural monuments and buildings of popular architecture, which are situated in the near as well as in the further neighbourhood of our boarding house. These places will address you and we hope you will be returning to us with with pleasure.

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