Penzion Stanský mlýn

Trips, sport and free time - ideas and recommendations

Outdoor museum Veselý Kopec

This museum is almost outside the door :) You can take here 3 kilometers long walking from our mill. ( link )

Other interesting places

View-tower Zubří near Trhová Kamenice ( link )
Primeval forest Polom near Horní Bradlo
Puppet museum in Chrudim ( link )
Chateau Slatiňany - Hippological museum, Kočičí Hrádek
Chateau Žleby - birds of prey exhibition ( link )
Chateau Nové Hrady ( link )
Celtic footpath in Nasavrky
River dam in Seč
River dam Pařízov
Toulovcovy Maštale ( link )
Devět skal
Velké Dářko - the biggest pond in Vysočina 
Castle ruins Lichnice

Remote trips

Western town Šiklův mlýn ( link )
Jihlava - zoological garden ( link )
Žďár nad Sázavou - Zelená Hora - the place of pilgrimage
Hradec Králové - The old square with plague pillar and Bílá věž (White tower) - on the White tower there is situated the third biggest bell in the Czech republic (called Augustin)

Local hilly landscape is perfect for cycling trips. Near and further neighbourhood of our boarding house is rich in the net of cycle tracks, touristic, educational paths and footpaths just for relaxing, which go into the charming corners of Hlinsko. 

In the near neighbourhood you can visit the buildings of popular architecture - outdoor museum Veselý Kopec (there are taking place fairs in the middle of July and before Christmas), Dřevíkov, Mažděnice, Svobodné Hamry, village Vysočina, Hlinsko-Betlém, Svratouch... 

If you meet us during the February, you can participate in traditional Mardi Gras processions. Shroving with folk masks and costumes are still kept in the Veselý Kopec, in Hamry, in Studnice, in Blatno, in Vítanov, in Horní Bradlo.

The next ideas for touristic tracks, historical monuments and tourist attractions you can find on the website of town Hlinsko. ( link )

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