Penzion Stanský mlýn

Sports enjoyment in the near neighbourhood

Bathing and swimming

You can enjoy yearlong bathing in the covered swimming pool in Hlinsko
link )
Covered swimming pool and outdoor pool in Skuteč - with switchback
Summer outdoor pool in Horní Bradlo
Outdoor pool in Slatiňany
Outdoor pool in Konopáč
Dam in Seč


Kindly weather conditions are dominating in the winter period thanks to the elevation above sea level of Hlinsko. The ski slopes and centers are located in Hlinsko - 3 kilometers (link to website), in Trhová Kamenice - 7 kilometers, in Svratka - 12 kilometers. In the case of unfavourable weather conditions, the ski slopes are being snowed up artificially, with the aid of snow cannons. 

You can ski not only on ski slopes, but also on cross-country skis. Cross-country tracks, surrounded by snow-covered winter countryside, are crossing the neighbourhood of our boarding house "criss-cross".


The more and more wanted activity is golf. In Svobodné Hamry (4 kilometers from our boarding house) and in Svratouch (13 kilometers) you can visit a nine-hole golf-course for golf fans. ( link )

Horseback riding

Those of you, who love enjoying the countryside on horseback, can visit riding and training club in Svobodné Hamry (4 kilometers).

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